Ex Guide Travel Magazine

This policy is designed to specify procedures for establishing credit and to ensure collection of advertising receivables as well as to maintain a cooperative relationship with our advertising agencies. The policy is effective for all sales personnel, whether employees or representatives and no exceptions will be made to this policy’s procedures without prior written request and approval. The policy will be enforced on an account by account basis at the discretion of advertising management. All new advertising agencies (including AAAA agencies) must submit a credit application and copy of the proposed advertisement before acceptance of an insertion order. The deadline for such application is two weeks before the closing date of the desired issue.

Late application:

Any credit applications received within two weeks of closing or later will be accepted on cash with order basis only. The only exceptions to this rule are agencies with an AAAA rating. Business will be accepted from such agencies provided management approval is given, under the stipulation that the credit application is submitted before the closing of the next issue. Failure to submit an application by that time will require that all future orders be cash with order until the application is received. Accounts that have established a poor credit history with Ex Guide may be barred from any future activity. In such an event, payment of all outstanding balances may not be sufficient to reestablish credit. Unless cash is received with the order, credit will not be granted without the prior approval of management and will be reevaluated at each insertion. No sequential liability statements will be accepted on orders. The rate card contract requirement and general information section clearly outlines Ex Guide’s policy.